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What remains? 
Your story !

Your biography is a gift to yourself and a testimony.


As a biographer, I honour your life. Whether it's a short story, book, film or radio play, you decide what form you want your story to take. If you want to tell and write down your life yourself, I will accompany you with my craft as a book author. As a coach, I give you tools and impulses to understand your story and integrate the lessons. As a speaker, I can honour your life at a celebration or set the scene with music or poetry. 


I love life stories and am a passionate listener. I have experience and expertise in writing, media work, theatre, communication, intercultural mediation and art therapy. As a person, I give you all my empathy.

Biography | Support | Writing

Farewell | Eulogy | Ceremonials

Communication | Public Relations | Traduction

Event | Moderation | Organization

Intercultural mediation | Integration counseling

Art therapy | Systemic constellation 
Singing | commissioned song | Song composition

Rose Marie Gasser Rist
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Rose Marie guided me through my story. Her clear, calm and creative impulses gave me trust and security.

Simon *53

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