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Kindness and gentleness are door openers

Rose Marie *58

Story Artist
Art therapist
Cultural mediator



Biography - Correspondence between a Jewish merchant in exile and his German friend during the Holocaust | Biography of a farmer's wife | Public relations work for the Jerusalemway peace movement | Band HarvestMoon | Improvisation, Performance, Story Telling & Stage Improtheater Konstanz


Middle East trip, Jordan-Israel on foot | Saluti Werni - biography of Werner Rüegsegger - a coppersmith who mended Karajan's tap and found a spring in the desert | End-of-life care for our mother | I see the golden mountains - biography of Iraqi Kurdish woman Shokhan Kamil | Bernstein Saga | Songwriter & Singer Rist, Rose & Band | Spiritual training with shaman Orna Ralston | 



Writing & Publishing Bernstein Saga | Interim Managing Director Institute for Art Therapy apk | Sabbatical in Italy | Writing & biography courses | Activation therapist in a retirement home | Trip to Australia | CAS Intercultural Communication | CAS Community Development | Family time 



Birth of sons | Migration and integration work | Political commitment: sustainability, inclusion, participation, equal opportunities | Choir director



Art therapy with children, senior citizens and the physically disabled | Birth of daughter | Voice training | Band singer | Training as art therapist | End-of-life care for grandfather



Travelling | Living and working in French-speaking Switzerland | Freighter trip to Australia | Training as a businesswoman 



Childhood multi-generational farm in Eastern Switzerland


Gene Keys, contemplation, transformation and global coherence  | Richard Rudd

Communication, altered state of mind, meditation | Mindvalley

Integral Relationship & Spiral Dynamics | Martin Ucik

Resilience, community, CoCreation | Homodea

Mystical writing, Love Letters | Elizabeth Gilbert | Martha Beck | Isabel Allende 

Songwriting, Poetry | Sting

I want to go out into the world and explore what there is. Sometimes I almost burst with joy at the beautiful life. And I believe that people are good to the bottom of their hearts.

Rosmarie *7

She invented songs and stories, dreamed of taking part in the Concours d'Eurovision de la Chanson, and practiced the stage in front of an audience of birds.


She loved going to school to learn everything about life.

She listened to the spirit of the village creek, cuddled with cats and cows, looked up at the starry sky, flew over the Milky Way, had a thousand questions and mostly found answers within herself. She strolled across fields, woods, and meadows.

She longed to cross the nearby border into the world, 

looked forward to cowslips and walking barefoot in spring. 

She loved the universe, people, and animals for no reason

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